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Home / Archive by Category "Non-Profit" just completed another fabulous season with record attendance.  We created this brand from a blank piece of paper–from zero, zip, nada in 2010. Depicted is one of our posters that we gave away at a book signing by Neil Gaiman. You could just print it out and have him

United Way has taken a new stance in hopes of fattening charity’s coffers and the most visible change may be the new ad campaign. The old spots created by Campbell Mithun featured individual contributors and connected them, for example, to the “834 at-risk preschoolers” they funded or the “23 cars” that

Here is the “Bleat” from James Lileks that started the library campaign. A few weeks later this conservative blogger with over 1 million readers made his own  Hitler ads (scroll down his post) as a counterpoint. Bottom line: the library raised the money they needed to. Our bill was less than that

One of the aces you can play with buzz is politics: read all about it here. Our campaign for The Cowles Center (formerly The Shubert) assured they received the funding to break ground. After months of silence we put their campaign on the map with major coverage in the Star Tribune.

Link here to story on an approach that almost worked in creating an alternative to MPR. After some initial traction, the IPR (Independent Public Radio) brand failed to gain traction. It seems that the zeitgeist is just too strong surrounding MPR.