Content Marketing

Staying Fresh and Relevant

Google’s newest algorithm requires your brand to create compelling, relevant and engaging content. For this reason ABDG will attach powerful content capabilities on your site. This is where out ability to “write for robots” really shines. We are one of the best agencies in the business at generating the fresh, quality content for leading search engines to devour. Our work helps your brand get picked up quickly and talked about because it is truly original in nature–sometimes even irreverent–and always relevant.

Separating Advocates From Detractors

Once you have built up enough content, you can then move to segment brand advocates and detractors. The segments that show the most interest can have their voices amplified at different touch points along the buyers’ journey — both online and offline.

For example, prior to introducing WideEye, we invited selected bartenders and mixologists to serve as brand advocates.  The “take your shot” campaign gathered a high number of reviews in the 4-5 rating which allowed us to launch their print campaign with positive feedback already in place. Quotes from the best bartenders could then be used on their Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and on-premise promotion.