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stuarte Chris Birt was interviewed by Advertising & Marketing Critic Stuart Elliot of The New York Times on his “Freak Show” For The Sharper Image, sponsored by Paper Magazine . ”The idea was “to make a statement about the store, if you will,” says Chris Birt, a principal at A|B. “I’ve been a longtime fan of Paper and Kim,” Mr. Birt says, referring to Kim Hastreiter, the co-editor and co-publisher of Paper along with David Hershkovits, “and she’s been writing about the loss of grit, some of the color, of the neighborhood, so I chose Kim to help find people who would represent that spirit.

Ms. Hastreiter says she was glad to help Mr. Birt, whom she describes approvingly as “a Paper fanatic who has every issue and has read every word of Paper for 20 years.” Mr. Birt recalls Mr. Bensinger saying at the party “he saw a lot of new types of customers walking out of the store with air purifiers who wouldn’t have before.” Additional ads in Paper are being considered for the campaign. As Mr. Birt puts it: “We have a few more freaks on tap.”

A few snapshots from Freak Show: The Third Season in Paper are posted below: (No sign of Stuart)


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