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Fix a bug in 60 seconds. Win cool stuff.

Under 4% of students can do it. Can you? Be the fastest student at your school and be crowned Top Campus Coder in the largest Quixey Challenge in history!

Demo your hack to the world!

120 seconds to demo in the largest hack challenge in history, Hacker Madness. The world votes online. Top hardware and software hacks by school advance to a head to head bracket for prizes and a trip to San Francisco.

Connect with awesome companies.

The Hacker Tour brings startup, tech and amazing companies of all sizes to your campus. One profile. One click. Hundreds of companies. No paper resumes. No cover letters.

2012 Success Stories

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“College recruiting works on an established cycle and it’s very competitive. Top students are often getting multiple offers in October. Readyforce has made it easy for us to connect with best student from across the country early in the recruitment cycle.”
Julia Lipton, Director of Marketing for Quixey
"Through the Hacker Tour we've had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of the smartest students in the U.S. and highlight why they might want to help build the world's leading social sound platform."
Mark Dewings, Head of Brand Communications for SoundCloud
“I’ve interviewed five great students that I found and connected with on Readyforce. As a small, growing start-up, this is powerful as I don’t have any other way to find these types of candidates.”
Dan Whaley, CEO at

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Who and Where

We are headed to the best computer science and engineering programs across the country to find the top talent.

Georgia Institute of Technology
September 9th
Duke University
September 10th
University of Notre Dame
September 10th
Texas A&M University
September 11th
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
September 12th
Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago
September 12th
The University of Texas at Austin
September 12th
North Carolina State University
September 13th
Virginia Tech
September 16th
University of Virginia
September 17th
Cornell University
September 18th
Carnegie Mellon University
September 18th
Purdue University
September 18th
Penn State
September 19th
September 20th
The Ohio State University
September 20th
University of Wisconsin-Madison
September 23rd
University of Michigan
September 24th
The University of Maryland
September 24th
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
September 25th
Johns Hopkins University
September 25th
Washington University in St. Louis
September 26th
Princeton University
September 26th
Rutgers University
September 27th
Stanford University
October 8th
University of California, Berkeley
October 9th
University of California, Los Angeles
October 10th
Harvey Mudd College
October 11th
University of California, Santa Barbara
October 15th
University of California, San Diego
October 16th
Northwestern University
October 17th
University of California, Irvine
October 17th
Universtiy of Washington
October 23rd
University of California, Santa Cruz
October 24th
Columbia University
October 25th
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Direct access to the top computer science and engineering students through Readyforce
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Distribution for your company's swag at career booths and campuses
National media coverage for the Hacker Tour's general awesomeness: 2-3 press mentions
Access to online resume books and coding scores from each school
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